Diamond Taxi Training

Training Overview

A Professional driver drives defensively and has excellent forward planning, control and observational skills. In order to be a calm and safe driver you have to be prepared and have the skills to anticipate the actions of other road users, so you will not be taken by surprise.

Prior to your Training:

An eye sight test is required before we begin your training, you need to be able to read a new-style number plate from a distance of 20 metres or 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old style number plate.

  • If you require glasses/contact lenses for driving, please remember to bring them.
  • Please do not forget to bring your driving licence and national insurance number in order for us check your licence details online.

About the Training and Test

I can help you prepare for your Diamond Taxi test by helping you develop your defensive driving skills. First I will assess your driving skills and then I will teach you the techniques necessary to improve your driving and prepare you for the test.

This 45 minute standard taxi test includes a variety of roads and where possible motorways. You will be asked to do two manoeuvres and an element of independent driving.

To be awarded a pass you need to achieve no serious or dangerous faults, and you can not exceed more than 9 driver faults.

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I give driving lessons in Exeter and Dawlish.
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