Intensive Courses

18 hours


3 days 6hrs per day, recommended min 25hrs previous experience, driving mostly independently and familiar with manoeuvres One practical test included

24 hours


4 days 6hrs per day, recommended 15-20hrs previous experience, driving semi-independently and introduced to all manoeuvres One practical test included

30 hours


5 days 6hrs per day, recommended 10hrs previous experience, familiar with controls and simple junctions One practical test included

36 hours


6 Days 6hrs Per Day, recommended for the complete novice, well co-ordinated and quick learner. One practical test included

42 hours


7 Day Course 6hrs per day 1 day extra than the quick learner Novice course. One practical test included

48 hours


8 Day Course 6hrs per Day For those who want to learn at a relaxed pace. One practical test included